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How do I know if powerjournal is right for me?

If you are a non-professional writer with a burning desire to write a book, but just can't get get started or build momentum, PowerJournal may be a good fit for you.

how long will it take to finish my book once I sign up for powerjournal? 

We feel with weekly dedication to the PowerJournal tools, video coaching, and your personal commitment to your book, completing a 200-page book in six months is entirely feasible.

Why a 3-month commitment?

Life happens. If you commit for three months, re-committing for an additional three months to complete your book in six months will suit you. 

I want to write a novel. Is powerjournal right for me?

Our coaching focuses on non-fiction. 

What if my idea changes during the course of my coaching?

No worries. When you are building momentum, the natural evolution of your book will be honored.

Will i have access to my coaching sessions?

Yes, we will send you the video link.