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Are you living your most authentic life?

Or is the real you a secret you keep buried inside? 

Do you have a brick wall of bad habits, a negative mindset, fear, distractions, unfulfilling work, and problematic relationships are blocking you from showing the real YOU to the world?

Do you feel like your life is whizzing by… and your dreams remain at a standstill, trapped somewhere between who you are and who you want to be?

What if you could blast past your blocks – and step into your best Life?

What if you could take 20 minutes a day to find the words that inspire action to be and going for everything you want?

Take our 28-Day PowerJournal Challenge and we’ll show you how!

PowerJournal sounds like a noun, but it's a verb.

PowerJournal is all about taking action on the ideas and insights that you discover as you journey within yourself to unleash your infinite power to manifest your heart’s greatest desires.

The PowerJournal technique uses four tools that enable you to open a clear channel to your Highest Self, which knows the truth about who you are, what you want, and how you can get it.

The Tools are:

• Intention

• Meditation

• Intuitive Writing

• Journaling

The PowerJournal process enables you to

  • boost your confidence;
  • attract romance, adventure, and love;
  • create a business;
  • get healthier, feel better, and look better;
  • heal after a break-up or divorce;
  • relieve anxiety;
  • strengthen your intuition and spirituality;
  • find the courage to speak up, speak out, live louder, express your truth, and create a lifestyle according to You, not the world’s expectations or traditions....

You can do all of this within a safe, online community of like-minded indviduals sharing inspiration and wisdom.

Here’s how:

For the next four weeks, we’ll guide you through this simple yet profound process of using daily writing exercises, along with meditation, to explore who you really are, what you want, and how to get it.  

The act of transcribing your thoughts and bringing them into the physical world in the form of words activates power within yourself and within the universe.

This literary alchemy triggers the Law of Attraction to empower you with resources and opportunities to help you become the creator of yourself and of your life.

Using the PowerJournal Tools of Intention,  Meditation, Intuitive Writing, and Journaling enables you to open a clear channel to your Highest Self, which knows the truth about who you are, what you want, and how you can get it. This knowledge is often trapped deep within us by fear, trauma, expectations set by society and people around us, and the distractions of our noisy, overstimulating world.

Are you ready to find answers and take action?  

When you join the 28-Day PowerJournal Challenge, you get:

  • Access to our private PowerJournal.Life website, which provides everything you need for your 28-Day Challenge;

  • 28 daily writing Exercises to inspire a 20-minute journaling session;

  • A guided video Meditation to do before each journal Exercise to relax you into an ideal state for accessing your Higher Self;

  • Detailed information about how to use the four PowerJournal Tools: Setting Intention; Meditation; using Intuitive Writing; and Journaling;

  • Membership in our secret FaceBook PowerJournal group where you can interact with PowerJournal Creators Elizabeth Ann Atkins and Catherine M. Greenspan and other PowerJournalers;

  • Weekly FaceBook live events – such as guided meditations, discussions about specific PowerJournal Tools, and testimonials –inside the PowerJournal group;

  • An invitation to PowerJournal webinars on specific topics such as, “PowerJournal to Lose Weight,” or “PowerJournal to Heal After a Break-Up,” or “PowerJournal to Break a Bad Habit.”

  • Discounted pricing on registration at our in-person PowerJournal Summits in Detroit, Michigan and Santa Fe, New Mexico.

If you’re looking for proof that PowerJournal is life-changing, PowerJournal Co-Creator Elizabeth Ann Atkins used PowerJournal to lose 100 pounds after pregnancy in 1998. Then when she celebrated her weight loss on The Oprah Winfrey Show, the segment that aired showed her journaling in the Harpo Studios, doing the very thing that we're about to teach you!  

“I practice what we’re preaching,” Elizabeth says.  “When I started combining the power of journaling with meditation, I started to really tap into my power, and find the courage to unleash it.  So PowerJournaling enables me to continually evolve into my best Self, living my most desirable Life, as a writer, a mom/sister/daughter, an entrepreneur, a TV host, a friend, and a citizen.  PowerJournal is a lifestyle, and we are thrilled to share it with you!”

You can use it for anything, anytime. For example, one year, Elizabeth PowerJournaled about how she wanted to celebrate her birthday: eating decadent food with a wonderful companion on a yacht with fireworks. The actual experience manifest in bigger and better ways than she imagined.

You can do this, too! Elizabeth will also show you a real, raw example of how she “PowerJournals to Feel Better” in a video in the FB group, as she uses writing to go from sad to celebrating a great day.   

A quick word about Meditation: don’t worry if you’ve never done it.  We’ll guide you, step-by-step, keeping it simple and enjoyable.

We’re going to have FUN talking about writing while getting to know each other – and ourselves – as you transform, one journal entry at a time.

Here at PowerJournal.Life, we’ll show you how to be the producer, director, writer, and star of the major motion picture called Your Best Life Ever!

So… sharpen your pencils, fire up your laptop, or crack open a notebook.

We’re about to get to writing… and you will never be the same!